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Since TroopJS relies on requirejs for AMD, the troopjs-require module is to provide you several requirejs plugins that expands the possibility to load various types of resources.


The troopjs-requirejs/json plugin allows you to select arbitrary properties from a JSON file loaded. The following is troopjs/version module that exemplify it's usage.

define("troopjs/version", [ "json!./bower.json#version"  ], function  (version)  { 
  return  version;

AMDify your module

The troopjs-requirejs/shadow plugin wrap any non-AMD module with your specified dependency variables and exports, it works by loading JavaScript source from ajax, so be aware it is constrained by same-origin-policy unless you're working with an optimized bundle.

The following example AMDify the bootstrap tooltip module under path bootstrap.tooltip which depends on the jquery AMD module.

define("my-tooltip", ["shadow!bootstrap.tooltip#jQuery=jquery" ], function (Tooltip) { });

The following example AMDify bootstrap tooltip module under path bootstrap.tooltip which depends on the exports of the jquery module which is already an AMD one.

require(["shadow!bootstrap.tooltip#jQuery=jquery" ], function (Tooltip) { });

The other example AMDify backbone.js which depends on jquery and exports the Backbone variable.

require(["shadow!backbone#jQuery=jquery&exports=Backbone" ], function (Backbone) { });

Load multiple versions of TroopJS

RequireJS supports for the context feature which allows for you to two different "generations" of module versions on the same page, TroopJS utilize this feature to bridge two versions of TroopJS (like a wormhole) that are considered incompatible, this would not be possible without troopjs-requirejs/multiversion plugin which basically allows one module to be required from within a different context, eventually referencing it.

require(["troopjs-opt/pubsub/proxy/to1x", "mv!troopjs-core/pubsub/hub#troopjs-1.0" ], function  (HubProxy, v1Hub)  { 
    "hub"  : v1Hub,
    "publish"  : {
      "authenticate"  : "login",
    "subscribe"  : {
      "news"  : "feeds" 

The above example maps hub messages from TroopJS 1.x version to new names in TroopJS 3.x, loading troopjs-core/pubsub/hub from the "1.x" context.

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